Holiday Gift Guide 2022!

Hard to believe we're here already but we're in the spirit of the season here at TnC. This small collection features our 5 best selling items of the entire year, our top picks for gifts based on your purchases. If you're feeling a little intimidated by all the choices, consider a Holiday Gift Card. These come in denominations of $100, $200, $300 and $500 and are delivered immediately via email. Super helpful if you're down to the wire for last minute purchases.
Gifts Cards, $100, $200,$300,$500
At the top of our list for merchandise is our Neon Pink Apollo 2 BFF, Large Backpack, Regular Duffle. Our favorite eye-popping color and our most versatile when purchased together as a set.
Next up is our Black Apollo 2 Travel Set with a large backpack and XL Duffle.  This is our sleek and sophisticated set and a best seller in all seasons.
Speaking of seasons, we know a lot of you are in the cold now so how about our toasty Caramel Sherpa Luxury Travel Set. The vegan material is plush and soft to the touch. The perfect look for winter travel.
Emerald green surprised us as a favorite color this year. And our Emerald Green Apollo 2 Roller Duffle was our most popular item in that color.
The Olive Apollo 1 Laptop rounds out our top 5 favs for 2022. Handcrafted with cruelty free vegan alligator pattern in a deep olive color. 
All TotenCarry products are designed by the Stitch Doctor in the USA.
Best of the season to everyone from TotenCarry~!

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