Top Backpack Styles You May Not Have Known About

You might be surprised at the wide array of backpack models on the market today. We’ve all found ourselves in the store, staring down the aisle of boring bags with minimal functionality. Wondering, will I ever find my perfect match? A bag that’s stylish, functional and reliable? The truth is there’s various types of backpacks to ensure you find your perfect match. Whether you’re a mom on the go, a busy student,  tech-loving office worker, or a nature guru—let’s break down the most popular backpack styles and their biggest advantages.

1. Traditional Backpack 

The standard backpack style is what all of us are probably most familiar with. It usually includes one or two large compartments, as well as a small carrier pouch in the front. The strong double-strapped features of traditional backpacks are what make this bag so popular. This type of backpack is reliable for school, travel or easy day to day errands.


2. Sling Bag 

A sling back is perfect if you like more of a crossbody feel. This is a compact, efficient bag for everyday use in comparison to the standard backpack. When you are considering the best type of backpack for you, it’s important to think about your needs. In this case, a sling back is ideal for carrying a notebook, everyday essentials, or anything else you may need on the go.


3. Daypack 

A daypack has similar storage features to other types of backpacks, but can help with keeping your important items organized on a trip. If you find yourself going on hikes, picnics, or frequent day trips,  a daypack might be perfect for you. They often have a lot of compartments, zippers, and space to keep your belongings. There’s also some daypacks that come in water and tear resistance fabrics for outdoor adventures.

4. Mini Backpacks 

This backpack has a similar style to the traditional type of backpack. The mini backpack is the perfect middle ground between a purse and a backpack. They allow for efficient carry, and a place to hold your phone, keys, wallet, and essentials. Mini backpacks can be found in cloth, leather, and PVC textiles. If you feel like you constantly set your purse down, a mini backpack might be a great choice for everyday wear.

5. Rolling Backpack 

One of the biggest advantages of different types of backpacks, is how versatile the structures and styles are. A rolling backpack is smaller than a standard suitcase, but allows you the leisure of rolling or carrying your bag. If you are going on a weekend trip, or find your briefcase is becoming too heavy, a rolling backpack is  a great option to check out. You can also get a luggage set that matches your rolling backpack—this helps you find your luggage easier while traveling.

6. Duffel Backpack 

A duffel backpack typically has one long strap that people use as a shoulder carrier. This type of backpack is commonly used as a weekender, gym bag, or for sports games. It’s highly functional two straps also allow you to wear it on your back in a rucksack style. Duffel backpacks come in a variety of prints, materials, and designs to better reflect your stylistic needs. It’s functional for men, women, and children essentials.

7. Luxury Backpacks 
Oftentimes backpacks get the reputation of being meant for wear and tear, with less of a focus on style. Luxury backpacks have gained a lot of attraction in recent years, as people hunt for more practical alternatives to purses. If you feel like you use your hands throughout the day but still like the style of designer bags. Luxury backpacks can be found at a variety of price points from trending brands and designers. They are a great fashion statement that’s chic and functional. 


There’s definitely plenty of backpack types  that didn’t make an appearance on this list. When you’re searching for your perfect match, it’s best to find a backpack that fits your style and traveling needs. Bags and accessories in general are a great way to express yourself, and add flare to your favorite outfits. 

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