Top 5 Best Backpacks For Gym And Work You Can't Miss In 2022

Most of us lead incredibly busy lives, and we need a backpack for gym and work that helps us stay on track. If you are looking for a gym bag, it might be hard to find something that still has the professional edge needed for your office space. You need room for spare clothing, shoes, and anything else you might want to keep at easy access. We did some searching to find the best backpacks for gym and work in 2022. These bags are perfect for keeping all your essentials on hand.

1. Troubadour Pioneer Backpack

This might be a backpack you didn’t know you needed, but it’s sure to win you over. It has a sleek style, and a 23.5 liter compartment. The structure of the bag helps you keep your office supplies organized, and your gym shoes or dirty clothes stored away in the antimicrobial compartment. If you want to keep your dirty gym material separate, this might be the best backpack for gym and work life balance. There’s also a larger size with a similar design, if you’re someone who feels like you never have enough room. It’s stylish enough to go with your suit and tie, and that’s saying a lot.

2. Everyman Hideout Pack

The Everyman Hideout Pack is versatile and that’s what makes it so great. From the exterior it’s made of black fabric, with leather rimming on the bottom. It’s in a duffel style, which makes it a convenient gym bag, but also doubles as a weekender. Looking at this backpack you probably didn’t know that there’s a padded laptop and tablet compartment. It's perfect for all your office essentials, and one of the best backpacks for gym and work if you want to go incognito.

3. Black Ember Forge

This bag holds a special place on the list due to how functional it is. It operates like a backpack, or can be carried in briefcase style. The multiple compartments allow you to keep your work and gym accessories separated for easy access when needed. Once opened, it functions like a suitcase, making it ideal for a change of clothes and extra  sneakers you may need on you before the gym.

3. King Kong Edge35 Backpack

Out of all the best backpacks for gym and work, the King Kong Edge 35 is one of the most hardcore. It was built with a heavy duty design that stands the test of time. The structure allows you to store a lot more gym material then your average gym to work backpack. The clam shell design is great for times when you may need to grab your office material for easy access.  If you’re on the hunt for a spacious and strong bag, take a look at this one.

4. Targus Work + Play Fitness Backpack

The name says it all, this gym bag was designed to be taken with you everywhere. This bag is unique because it offers specialty labeled pockets that help you organize your shoes, toiletries, workout clothes, and anything else you may need. You can also remove the toiletries and laundry bag whenever needed. If you’re someone that’s always on the go, and like to keep your resources organized. This backpack for gym and work is a great discovery you probably didn’t know about.

When you find a work and gym bag that’s functional for both environments, you’ll be surprised how much stress it takes off your shoulders. Check out our top picks for best backpacks for gym and work in 2022, and organize your life the right way. Get on track with your New Year’s Resolutions, and snag a stylish bag that motivates you. 

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