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Interview with rapper/actor
OCTOBER 15, 2021

Queens, New York’s Fredro Starr (@fredro_starr) is a rapper, record producer, and actor with more than fifty onscreen credits to his name. He is the founding member of the platinum east coast rap group ONYX ( . Fredro performed the Save the Last Dance's theme song, "Shining Through", with Jill Scott on the 6x platinum soundtrack. He is well known for his TV role as 'Q' in Moesha

ONYX won Soul Train's 1993 Best Rap Album of the Year Award. Fredro Starr was discovered by the late great hip hop legend Jam Master Jay of Run-D.M.C.

I read that early in your career you and your cousin visited the nightclubs of New York City wearing green dreadlocks and Dr. Martens. Now you’re designing jackets with Jeff Hamilton. Has fashion always been on your radar?

In the early 90's I was always in the clubs in NYC; fashion was a big part of the culture. Groups like De La Soul was pushing the fashion style at that time. I would buy GQ magazine to get up on the new fashion. 

You are so often photographed in caps. Any Fredro Hat Company coming?!

Yes, I always rock hats, I always rock sunglasses too. I plan on getting into the eyewear business in the future. My vision for eyewear will be classy, but connects to the hip hop culture.

How and when did the style of LL Cool J. inspire you and your personal style? 

LL inspired me to be a superstar; we are both from Queens so his fashion style was relatable to me. 

You’re married to a model. Does she influence your style choices?

My wife’s choice of fashion is way different from mine, but she styles my boys, Princeton and Brighton, with her style! 

You own
the Desert Apollo 3 Camo Pony Fur Duffel
from Tote&Carry- and posted with it on IG! Thank You!
How you are using it -and your thoughts on the design? 

The camo duffle is dope, the color way is original and the quality is great. It’s great for doing photo shoots,
as the size is big enough to carry a lot of clothes.


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