The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

The Perfect Chanel Bag

Are you thinking about spoiling yourself this holiday season? You’ve been working hard all year, and it’s finally time to treat yourself to a luxurious designer handbag. That bonus check shouldn’t go to waste on just any handbag. You want to find the exact handbag that screams who you are both inside and out. Don’t you deserve something truly special after everything you’ve accomplished this year? You know you do! 

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

Where to start? 

When beginning your search for the ideal handbag, a trip to your local mall may be in order. Yet, as you’re walking around the shops, looking at all the glittery window displays, all the glamorous options can make your head spin. Purchasing the perfect handbag might be as difficult, if not more, than buying a new car. You want your handbag to match your personality and how you want people to perceive you.

So many designers go out of their way to make you believe they have the perfect handbag for you. But do they know you? Yes, some of their handbags appear to be wonderful, but are they? And then you see the price. It’s no wonder why designers are trying to gain your attention.

There are so many options for luxury handbags, of which most of them cost a small fortune. You don’t want to choose the wrong one and regret it a year later, (like that exciting little 2-seater sports car your ex crashed last summer.) What if there is one perfect handbag out there just waiting for you to discover? If so, how can you tell which handbag is the perfect one for you? There are so many heart-throbbing options it can be difficult to decide on which handbag to choose. How about some advice? Turn your sights to the Chanel Boy Bag.

Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing boyish about the Chanel Boy Bag – unless you want it to be. The Chanel Boy Bag is versatile enough to be worn with leather pants, jeans, or even an evening gown. The height of couture, The Chanel Boy Bag has a classic, feminine style that is not only elegant, this handbag is also the perfect accessory for nearly every outfit. Well, except maybe those sweatpants you’ve been hanging around in all weekend. But even then, the Chanel Boy Bag might make those stretched-out sweatpants look glamorous —provided you wash off the ice cream and cheese doodle stains first.

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

History of the Chanel Boy Bag

If you are a fan of the Chanel brand, you would know that the Chanel Boy Bag originally premiered in the fall fashion season of 2011. Ever since the Boy Bag's debut, this elegant handbag has been an icon on the fashion runway. The Chanel Boy Bag's original design was inspired by the idea of a traditional sports bag, (more exactly Arthur “Boy” Capel, whom Gabrielle Chanel had a great fondness for, *wink*)  mixed with the sophistication of the Chanel line. The Chanel Boy Bag was also designed with the features of Chanel’s 2.55 and 11.12 handbags in mind. However, the Chanel Boy Bag has a boxier, sharper-edged shape. Chanel also designed the bag with both gunmetal hardware for a tomboyish look and plated gold hardware for a more famine design, giving their consumers options based on their personality. Chanel also redesigned the strap. Now, unlike the braided shoulder strap of the 2.55 and 11.12 handbags, the Chanel Boy Bag has a simple leather strap that is less likely to dig into shoulders and leave a painful mark or bruise. 

All of which makes sense due to the Chanel Boy Bag's super easy-to-use design. Regardless of the Chanel Boy Bag’s origins, the rectangular design and clean lines scream elegance. The inner pocket is simple and isn’t cluttered with unnecessary separators, allowing for use of the entire storage area. There is also a small pocket inside for added security.

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

Strapping Good Looks

Now, let’s talk shoulder straps. The Chanel Boy Bag comes with an elegant chain strap that you can easily make shorter or longer. Do you hate it when the shoulder strap chain digs into your shoulder? You don’t have to worry about that with the Chanel Boy Bag. The shoulder straps on the Chanel Boy Bag also come with an extraordinarily soft, comfortable leather strap attached to the chains to save your poor shoulder from unwanted bruising.

The elegant flap-over design keeps everything secure within the Chanel Boy Bag. And unlike other Chanel handbags, the Chanel Boy Bag has a unique Chanel logo clasp that allows for an easy pinch-squeeze and release for the latch to open, unlike Chanel’s typical twist open latch. This feature makes for an easy time at the register when purchasing the matching Chanel wallet. 

The inside of the Chanel Boy Bag isn’t lined in leather, unlike its’ predecessors, giving the handbag an advantage of not being scuffed or scraped by anything you might be carrying with you. The exterior of the Chanel Boy Bag is crafted with perfectly dyed supple leather and stitched into a pillowed diamond design on both the front of the handbag and the back.

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

How much can the Chanel Boy Bag hold?

Are you concerned about space? Not the kind of space that requires a rocket ship and a group of astronaut billionaires trying to outdo each other. No, the type of space that won't make you leave your favorite lip gloss behind on the nightstand because there's no room. Many bags on the market claim to offer enough space for everything you need throughout your day, but when you attempt to put everything you need within, you find that space is greatly lacking. The Chanel Boy Bag gives you just the right amount of space without becoming too large, overly cumbersome, or worse, so massive you lose everything inside it, including your BFF and your favorite pooch – and you thought losing your  car keys was a horrible experience. There is plenty of room to keep your wallet and all your essentials right where you need them.

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

How can you wear the Chanel Boy Bag?

Don’t let the look of the bag fool you. The Chanel Boy bag might look like a regular handbag, but because of the bag’s versatile strap, you can carry it as a traditional shoulder bag, hold it as a clutch, or adjust the strap to wear as a cross body, which is perfect if you’re on the go all of the time. The Chanel Boy Bag is a heavy handbag, blame that on the high craftsmanship, so the cross body might be a better option if you carry several heavy items. Chanel does offer a smaller Boy Bag, which is still highly versatile, and it might be better worn as a traditional shoulder bag. Chanel offers a large version of the Boy Bag as well, but the larger version is noticeably heavier.

In addition, there’s an inner pocket perfect for your smartphone or iPhone, so you always know exactly where it is. But we all know you’ll be too busy taking selfies with your new Chanel Boy Bag to bother storing your phone in your purse, true? Those photos don’t appear on Instagram by themselves.

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

Damage Control!

Okay, the Chanel Boy Bag seems too good to be real, right? No bag can be this perfect without having a few flaws. How difficult is the Chanel Boy Bag to take care of? 

Well, yes, the Chanel Boy Bag is not a handbag that you want to toss in the corner at your friend's party and expect it not to be scuffed, or worse, destroyed. The Chanel Boy Bag’s soft calf-skin leather is known to scuff and scrape with ease if you fail to take proper care of it. Even closing the flip-over top can cause wear by the leather rubbing against each other.  However, the leather is a little forgiving and allows you to wipe away marks, like water,  if caught immediately. The leather is also known to dint easily, especially around the pillowy exterior, so you will want to protect your handbag whenever you are not using it, and even when you are.

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

Tips and Tricks to keeping your Chanel Boy Bag looking new.

Because the leather of the Chanel Boy Bag is so luxuriously soft, it’s best to keep the chain strap stored inside the handbag when you’re traveling or not using it.  The chains on the strap can easily dint the supple leather. If you plan on storing the Boy Bag inside a suitcase while traveling or for any length of time in a box, it’s best to wrap the handbag in tissue paper or something that can protect the leather. The leather of the Chanel Boy Bag does eventually bounce back to its original shape, but does take time. It’s also best to keep the paper the handbag came with stuffed inside the bag when not in use to maintain its shape.

Let’s Talk Price

When it comes to price, keep in mind there are several versions of the Chanel Boy Bag to choose from. The Flap Boy Bag can sell for up to $6,200 for the medium size. They do offer a smaller size that sells for $5,400. Prices have increased over the last year by nearly $500. Many websites, like Rebag offer discounts on gently used Chanel Boy Bags in addition to other Chanel and luxurious handbags. You might save $1,000, however, in many cases, the discount will only bring the price back to the brand new prices of last year, and you might have to settle for a color that isn’t your first choice. Yet, you’re still buying a Chanel, isn’t that the only thing that matters? 

Are you afraid that another handbag will grab your affections down the road? If you have a wandering eye and don’t want to commit to just one handbag for the next ten years, you’ll be happy to know that the Chanel Boy Bag has a classic design and is known to retain its value — that is when or if you do ever want to resale your handbag. You may even make money down the road. Because of the price increase from last year to 2021, the resale value of gently used Boy Bags are higher. If you purchased one last year you might come out ahead… that is until you decide to buy a replacement. 

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

How quickly will the Chanel Boy Bag be out of style?

Since making its first appearance in the Fall of 2011, the Chanel Boy Bag has continued to be a hit on the fashion runway. The Boy Bag is bound to continue a long-lived legacy along with the Chanel name and is in no danger of becoming obsolete anytime soon

The Chanel Boy Bag is a handbag that the more you see it, the more you’ll fall in love with the Boy Bag and need one of your own. You even might fall in love with this handbag so much that you’ll want to buy another color, or two, to accessorize your entire wardrobe.

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

Do you want the sophisticated look of a Chanel Boy Bag but can’t bring yourself to pay the $6,000 price tag? Try the Sarah Pastel Purse on for size at a mere fraction of the cost. For the same price as one Chanel Boy Bag, you can purchase every color available of the Sarah Pastel Purse line to match your entire wardrobe and still have money for the matching shoes. Better yet, splurge a little on the Silver Apollo 2 Clutch Purse, the perfect handbag for the holiday party scene.

The Chanel Boy Bag - All You Need To Know

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