Tote&Carry X Amara La Negra Interview - The Blog interview


Watch Amara La Negra, the breakout star of VH1’s
Love & Hip Hop: Miami

With 2.3 million IG followers (@amaralanegraaln)
her online praise is off-the-hook

"Amara is literally stunning;" “She has a beautiful—everything!” “I love her personality and evolution as a person;” “La Negra deserves to have her own spin off!” “Amara is literally one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen!”


Amara’s new podcast, EXACTLY AMARA can be found on @iheartradio
and Amara is also an author! She wrote Amarita’s Way to inspire young girls of color.

Tote&Carry’s Eco-Style Reporter got to ask the Afro-Latina beauty a few questions recently:

You have so many looks to create your glamorous vibe. What are your favorite fashion items to create your brand- the shoes, the bags, the wigs, the makeup, or just your dope attitude behind it all?! 

I think shoes really make a look come together- I’m a shoe girl! And makeup is everything! If your face is flawless, you could be wearing a trash bag and still look bomb! I love name brands, but I can also live without (them). I wear what I like and what suits me best- not necessarily what's in style or trending.

We know you reached out to our brand, Tote&Carry, and currently own our large hot-pink neon duffle bag. Did you know that's our best-selling color! How do you get so in line with the trends? 

I love the hot pink! (Even tho’ I was actually looking forward to the emerald green which is my favorite!!) But I think pink is definitely a trendy color this season- it's beautiful! It's bright! You can't ever lose it and it's very girly!

You do a lot of traveling, and with your hit show on the run. Is it important to you to have luxury luggage, or matching travel bags, that represents your “travel in style” look and is able to accommodate your needs? We hope Tote&Carry carry-on luggage does that for you! 

Usually when I travel, I try to do carry-ons that I can roll, so I don't have to carry, but this luggage makes it very comfortable to travel with, to move around in a comfortable way-- very stylish!

Were you always into fashion and glamour, even when you were a kid? What inspired you to become a hip hop singer? I know you have said “"performing is what I was born to do." 

Fashion has always been a part of my life but based off what I could afford at the time. I love having fun and playing around with clothes, colors and styles.”

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