The Best Celine Totes Worth Buying In 2022

The Best Celine Totes Worth Buying In 2022

It is hard to forget the iconic Celine brand when one thinks of prominent luxury handbag brands. The world-renowned French brand, since its inception, has permanently etched its place in the annals of fashion history. Celine has become synonymous with affluence, classically trendy while being effortlessly chic. It is no shocker that the brand has remained on top despite all its fluctuations and has no intention of giving in. 

From quality to brand association, every woman wants to be the proud owner of a Celine handbag and even more so a timeless Celine tote. But suppose you aren’t a luxury brand or fashion aficionado, or you’re just starting your classic handbag collection. In that case, the inevitable question will arise, “is the Celine Tote worth buying?”

It is no secret that luxury handbags are a small investment, and rightfully so. A luxury handbag such as Celine is crafted with the highest quality materials, with attention given to even the most minute details. Luxury handbags come in exotic colors and even more exotic materials. Compared to your garden variety bag, you will see the Celine tote reign superior with its longevity and ability to be the ultimate compliment to all variations and iterations of your wardrobe. 

Maybe top-notch quality, lifelong capabilities, and eye-catching details aren’t enough to convince you. In that case, countless studies show why investing in luxury handbags such as Celine is not just fashion-forward but also worthwhile. According to a Forbes Magazine article containing findings from the Art Market Research (AMR), luxury handbags now outperform art, classic cars, and rare whiskies in terms of investment potential. Some bags, from the likes of Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, have even experienced a valuation spike of an average of 83% in the last ten years. To put that into context, coins have increased by 21%, first-edition books by 42%, and watches — the assumed king of fashionable investments — by just 72%. The report continues by stating that more than 3,500 designer handbags were sold at auction in 2019, raking in a whopping £26.4 million ($32.9 million).

A Brief History of Celine Totes

Before you delve into all things Celine, it’s best you know that when you buy a Celine tote, you aren’t just purchasing a lifelong bag but also owning a piece of fashion history. 

Though Celine has been a part of luxury conglomerate LVMH fashion and the leather house officially since its induction in 1996, the brand bears humble beginnings. Celine was founded by Céline Vipiana and her husband, Richard Vipiana, in 1945 as a made-to-measure children’s shoe boutique that was located at 52 rue Malte Paris, France. The store was unmissable, denoted by a highly distinct red elephant logo created by cartoonist Raymont Peynet. 

The French husband and wife duo quickly found success. They soon expanded their operation, opening three more stores by 1948 and broadening their offerings. Vipiana leveraged her success as a launching pad to begin crafting into ready-to-wear, with the sole aim of catapulting the everyday woman into functional yet elegant fashion. Armed with a mission designing modish yet practical clothing, she launched a sportswear-driven line that consisted of wool skirt suits, leather vests, fitted shirts, and pastel-colored denim. By 1966, Vipiana once again proved her prowess when she introduced leather accessories, including bags, belts, and gloves. 

By the ’70s, Celine had gone international, with a whopping 89 boutiques in total spanning across the globe, from Monte Carlo to Beverly Hills to Hong Kong. In 1987, Bernard Arnault, the chairman and CEO of luxury multi-billion-dollar corporation LVMH showed interest in Celine eventually purchasing all of its holdings for $2.6 Billion, formally integrating the brand nine years later. Vipiana remained the designer of Celine until she died in 1997 at 84 years old.

After her passing, the design house was creatively led by the renowned designer Michael Kors who left the post after just a decade. After Kor’s departure, the brand fell on dark times as it lacked creative direction and innovation to maintain its relevance. Kors was eventually succeeded by Phoebe Philo, who has earned the title of the savior of Celine. Not only did Philo raise the Celine from the ashes, but it did so by introducing some of the brand’s most sought-after bags and reviving and modernizing Vipiana’s original Luxe sportswear topped off with a voguish couture finish. 

After her epic tenure, Phillo was succeeded by roguish fashion bad boy and upsetter Hedi Silmane in 2018, who came in with fire in his belly by making drastic changes. Initially, the changes were met with outrage by fans. However, the former Louis Vuitton creative director’s vision was eventually realized, and the brand took on an edgier feel, ultimately becoming a namesake with the younger Generation Z.

So, if you’re ready to join the millions of seamlessly stylish women across the world who ooze sophistication in their high end ready to wear Celine products but just don’t know where to start, here is a list of the best Celine totes worth buying in 2022.

Celine Luggage Bag

The Luggage tote was introduced in spring 2010 and served as Phoebe Philo’s debut collection at Celine and an all-time masterpiece. By 2012, Popsugar dubbed this timeless tote as ‘’The Hottest Celebrity Handbag of the Year. The bag has been made in a plethora of color and texture combinations, from solid colors to tricolor leather, sultry suede, and exotic skin and print combinations. Upon its release, the bag was not readily available but soon became one of the brand’s best-selling items. As the years progressed, the bag was released in various sizes and versions, such as the wider Phantom Luggage, which was discontinued. The Luggage tote has garnered a reputation as a closet must-have due to its fashion flexibility, variations, and urban-chic aesthetic. The nanosized is dubbed as the most pragmatic version. If this Celine Luggage bag is just a bit out of your reach or not your style then grab yourself a chic Black Apollo 1 Tote from Tote&Carry.

Currently, the Luggage is available in nano, micro, and mini sizes measuring: 

Nano: 8’’x 8’’ x 4”

Micro: 10” x 10”x 6”

Mini: 12” x 12” x 9”

The Celine Belt Bag

First introduced in Celine’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection, instead of a ready-to-wear debut, the Belt bag was met with instant adoration. This bag features a single top handle with a front “belt” that can be knotted, and a front flap is tucked behind the Belt and fastens with a metallic hook closure. The Celine belt bag is a crowd favorite due to its simple design and stylish casual feel. In addition, the Belt bag is the ideal size for easily holding all your daily essentials without ever missing a style beat. The belt bag is available in grained calfskin and crocodile-embossed calfskin with colors ranging from deep dark tones to pretty pastels. The only stylish minimalistic bag that rivals the Celine Belt Bag is the Caramel Apollo Tote 1 Bag from Oprah’s Favorite 2021 featured contemporary urban brand Tote&Carry.

Currently, the Belt Bag is available in pico, nano, micro, and mini sizes measuring:

 Pico: 6″ x 5″ x 4″

 Nano: 8″ x 8″ x 4″

 Micro: 9″ x 8″ x 5″

 Mini: 11″ x 9″ x 7″

The Celine Cabas Tote

The Celine Cabas Tote can be credited with reigniting the tote bag craze, being sold out instantly upon release. Phoebe Philo launched three foundational bag lines in her Celine reign, the Cabas being front and center. It boasts a minimalistic design while being extremely spacious with the right amount of sophistication. The Cabas is fitted with vibrant fits, stripes, and exotic embroideries, making it one of the brand's ultimate buys. Vogue UKincluded the vertical Cabas in its list of 15 Celine SS21 Bags worth lusting over.

Currently, the Cabas Tote is available in large, mini vertical, small vertical, vertical, horizontal, medium, small folded, and medium folded measuring:

Large:16’’ X 11’’ X 7 ‘’

Mini Vertical:7’’ X 8’’ X 2’’

Small Vertical:11’’ X 13’’ X 3’’

Vertical:15’’ X 16’’ X 4’’

Horizontal:17 ‘’X 12’’ X 4’’

Medium:16’’ X 9’’ X 7’’

Small Folded:9 ‘’X 10’’ X 5’’

Medium Folded:10 ‘’X 14’’ X 6’’

The Teen Bucket 16

The Teen Bucket 16 was the debut bag from Celine’s new Creative Director, Hedi Silmani, and it certainly did not disappoint. Known for his contemporary style Silamani used the Bucket 16 to pay homage to the brand’s past, with the ’60s detailing complimented by belted features and a cropped flap. The Bucket 16 is the arm candy to any vintage-inspired outfit or if you’re simply feeling fun and flirty. The Bucket 16 can be purchased in smooth or satinated calfskin and textile calfskin. This bag takes it one step further with the addition of optional straps. Buyers have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of cute straps to give each bag an extra wow factor. It certainly adds to the bag’s appeal that before it was officially released Harper's Bazaar captured mega superstar Lady Gaga sporting the Celine Bucket 16 in one of her signature couture ensembles in Paris France.

Currently, The Teen Bucket 16 is available in small, medium, large sizes measuring:

Small:9″ x 7″ x 4″

Medium:13″ x 9″ x 5″

Large:15″ x 11″ x 6″

Small Bucket Cuir Triomphe

The latest addition to the Celine tote family is the Small Bucket Cuir Triomphe. The Triomphe is a modern take on the classic tote boasting an eye-catching double C monogram that initially graced the brand in the ’70s. This new bucket bag is made with the brand go-to calfskin and textile and calfskin materials. It comes in one size only and has been flying off the racks and selling out online since its release.

Currently, the Small Bucket Cuir Triomphe is available in large measuring:

Large:12’’ X 9’’ X 5’’

Is A Celine Tote Worth It?

Simply put, ABSOLUTELY YES! CNN actually listed Celine as one of the top luxury handbag brands worth investing in by experts. The Celine tote bag is definitely worth the buy. As is expected with any luxury item, Celine Tote bags come in at a heftier price. But when compared to other luxury handbags, you will see that Celine is of equal or even higher quality but comes in at a better cost. 

Even though the brand is under one of the world’s most successful luxury Maisons, LVMH has managed to maintain the true essence of Celine. Celine was always meant for everyday women to feel luxurious, and LVMH has done a fantastic job of accomplishing this by ushering the brand into a new era while simultaneously sticking with its fundamental core. 

Despite its many phases of creative directors, Celine was and will always be for the average woman. Celine worked assiduously to create high-end designs that were as pragmatic as they were chic. So, when you’re considering buying your Celine tote, always remember it was made for you in mind. They weren’t made for influencers, fashionistas, actors, or singers. They were made for you. The hardworking ordinary woman deserves luxury, style, and sophistication without compromising her ability to get the job done. The tote is the epitome of all things Celine, functional, flexible, fun fashion designed to be unwavering, timeless, and strong, just like you.

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