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Tote&Carry x High Times Collaboration is here! What are we looking at here? and what are they key features and benefits for the user? 

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Key Benefits: 

  • Travel Friendly
  • 100% Smell Proof
  • Stylish 
  • Limited edition drop only 50 made 

First of all an over view of some facts about cannabis: 

  • The medical use of cannabis is legal with a medical recommendation in 38 states, four out of five permanently inhabited U.S. territories, and the federal District of Columbia (D.C.). 
  • U.S. Democrat and Republican lawmakers have reintroduced a bill to set the basis for the legalization of adult-use marijuana at the federal level.
  • The goal of the PREPARE Act is to bring together a diverse group of experts to collaborate on cannabis reform and provide lawmakers with the information needed to establish a comprehensive federal regulatory system.


Design Overview: 

What makes these Tote&Carry x High Times bags interesting is the artwork comes from an original HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE COVER from 1950-1980s. These are cannabis award winning cultivators, cannabis news, cannabis events. 

Tech pack mock up


1959 Moon Man Magazine 
 The Fridge Moon Man  Smell Proof Backpack 3M Reflective Fabric
$200 MSRP

G3 Tote&Carry Logo Backpack Print
3M Reflective adjustable shoulder strap

Front view of the The Fridge Moon Man Backpack 3M Reflective


Designs are sublimated print onto a faux leather bag construction. 

$220 MSRP

High Times Graffiti Da Vinci Backpack

$220 MSRP
 $220 MSRP


$220 MSRP

High Times Purple Flower Joint Backpack



$90 MSRP

High Times Stash Crossbody Bag

$90 MSRP

High Times Stash Crossbody Bag


Tote&Carry plans to partner with its subsidiary Toke&Carry to expand into the cannabis market providing cannabis strains, products, smell proof bags. 


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  • When can I expect to see the high times crossbody bag back on the site. I was unaware of that bag being a limited edition with only 50 dropping. I really need this in all colors.

    - Rainbow Crawley

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