👀 Tote&Carry x Wiz Khalifa, OT Genasis, DJ Holiday “No Stress” 🔥

DJ Holiday just dropped a major banger "No Stress" with OT Genasis and Wiz Khalifa. Watch the full video here: 
In this music video the lyrics are: 
“I don’t stress, I got a check, I’m so blessed, I gotta flex, ice on neck, I might invest, private jet, I got a text, I’m impressed, I got a check, I’m the best, that’s why I finesse, I don’t stress, I’ma get next, final test, I come correct, I don’t guess, earn my respect, more kush growin’, good weed blowin’, I been hard at work, now it’s really showin’…”
The Blue Caution Tape Bag 👀 in the "No Stress" Music Video 
The black and yellow 👀 caution tape in the music video 
Wiz Khalfia know for many hit songs such as "Black and Yellow", "Work Hard, Play Hard" and "Remember You".  "We Dem Boyz". "See You Again" 
The black and yellow carry on duffle 👀 caution tape in the music video 


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