What Is Barbiecore? The Sparkly Pink Trend Has Taken Over

Neon Pink Bags for The Barbiecorp look

Barbiecore is a style that combines the glamour of traditional Barbie dolls with the edginess of modern-day pop culture.

Barbiecore can be seen as an extension of Kawaii fashion, an Asian aesthetic which has been popularized by artists like Gwen Stefani, who is notorious for her cool and edgy outfits.

The term "Barbiecore" was coined by Mattel's former president Robert Eckert, who saw his company's iconic doll as being at the forefront of this trend.

Barbiecore Aesthetic: An Alternative Style

Barbiecore is a style of dress that combines the fashion of the 1980s with modern-day fashions.

The term Barbiecore was coined by the online community, who recognized it as an alternative style to gothic or punk rock. Barbiecore clothing is typically bright and colorful and has been described as being "overly sexualized".

This type of wardrobe focuses on skirts that are short enough to show off your legs but don't reveal too much skin at once (think mini skirts).

If you're looking to put together a barbiecore outfit, we recommend pairing neon accessories with a pink or pastel-colored outfit with heels.

Think bright, bubbly, and pink!  A good example of this is this neon pink circle purse.


The origins of Barbiecore

The term “Barbiecore” was created by the barbie community, who wanted to provide a name for the unique style that incorporates barbie-inspired fashion.

Barbiecore has been described as “girly, pink, and sparkly”, but it is also about more than just those things. 

There’s some speculations that barbiecore and Kawaii style both similar origins, while others believe Barbiecore aesthetic is trending due to the Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie.

The creators of Barbiecore describe it as a style that can be worn by anyone—not just women who are dressed up as barbies!

If you have ever had fun playing dress-up with your friends or family members then you might already be familiar with the concept of barbiecore.

How to Dress Barbiecore

This is where the fun begins!

You can go all out and match your pink lipstick to your pink heels while wearing a black dress and white gloves. Or if you're feeling more adventurous, go for something more subtle like a black-and-white striped top with some cute accessories.

The point is that Barbiecore is all about being creative, so use whatever bright colors or styles you like!

The Controversy around Barbiecore

People are concerned that Barbie is a poor role model for young girls. She has an unrealistic body shape and an unattainable level of physical perfection, which some say can cause low self-esteem and body image issues in girls who believe they should look like Barbie.

The term "Barbiecore" refers to the act of utilizing bright pink colors within a person’s outfit, in an attempt to express their love and appreciation to Barbie.

Some people think that if children play with Barbies that have been modified to resemble real women, this will help them see the difference between fantasy and reality when it comes to appearance and body image.

Express Yourself with Barbie Pink

Barbie's signature color is pink, so if your style is "Barbie Pink," you'll love the looks on this list.

The most obvious choice for the Barbie Pink look is a pink wig. If you don't have any real hair, then a wig can be made to look more like real hair by adding highlights and lowlights in different shades of blonde and brown.

You may also want to choose a wig that is cut into bangs or curls at the ends instead of straight across your forehead, as this will help make it look more natural when combined with your own face shape and features.

If there's one thing we've learned from Barbie's closet over the years is that there are many different ways to wear pink!

Most importantly though remember not only how much fun it can be but also how much confidence building comes along with finding clothes/outfits which reflect who we really are inside.

For example: if you're feeling bold but still want something subtle, try pairing dark-colored tights (or leggings) with a bright top or dress; if on the other hand you want something brighter then try pairing dark-colored tights with neon accessories instead - like this neon pink purse!


How to Get the Barbiecore Aesthetic

To get the Barbiecore look, you'll need to start with your outfit.

Try wearing a pink duffle bag over one shoulder and carrying a pink suitcase on your other side. Or you could wear a pink bookbag and carry a laptop around in it!

If you're not into bags, try wearing any shade of pink clothing like shirts or pants.

If you're looking for some accessories to finish off the look, consider adding some colorful bangles (or even Rainbow Loom bracelets) to your arms and wrists.

Barbiecore is a style that’s less about putting on a persona and more about expressing yourself.

When you dress Barbiecore, you’re wearing what makes you feel confident and beautiful—and that shouldn’t be something that anyone feels ashamed of doing!

It might be a little hard at first to find the right pieces, but once you do it can make all the difference in how you rock your Barbiecore look.

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