What is a Deuce Deuce anyway?

If you don't know what a deuce deuce is or never heard the phrase, be grateful! It means that you probably grew up in a peaceful suburban neighborhood. Those of us who grew up under different circumstances would tell you that deuce is slang for "two". So a deuce deuce means 22, as in, "Hey, watch out for that dude he's gotta deuce deuce." Thankfully at TotenCarry we're bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase. Our "deuce" refers to two beautifully crafted pouches of vegan leather, velour textured fabric or "jelly" (as pictured), each measuring 8"x5"x3". Loads of room for keys, wallets and all your personal belongings.


 It's the perfect companion as you're running errands or heading to work. Our versatile, unisex Deuce can be worn around the waist or slung over the shoulder and under your arm.


 Anyway you choose to wear it you'll be wearing a unique and functional tote that will turn heads.

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