Olive 07 Tactical Vest

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Designed in the USA and crafted by hand, The Olive Signature Apollo 07 Tactical Vest is our latest creation.

Product Description:

  • Medium | 5’ - 5’11 ft (150-180 lbs)
  • Large | 6’ - 6’8 ft (180+ lbs)
  • 2 Big Flap Pouches on the Front
  • 2 Medium Pouches on the Back with a Golden Zipper.
  • High-quality Full Alligator Grain Vegan Leather
  • Plushly padded interior compartment
  • Sleek Easily Accessible for Daily Use or Travel
  • Exposed contrast Gold zippers
  • Macro Eco-Soft Leather Flap
  • Eco-friendly Leather trim

About this item: 

Tote&Carry Signature Apollo 07 Tactical Vest is our latest creation. This vest is great for carrying your keys, wallet, check-book, credit cards, and any small personal belongings. The perfect stylish vest to carry if you are headed to work, doing errands, or travelling.

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