Warranty Policy

Subject to applicable conditions and exclusions, products are protected from the original date of purchase by a one-year limited warranty (proof of purchase required). If the product proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use anytime within the first year, we will repair or replace the item with same or comparable product. Defective bags will not be returned to customer. Note that the customer is responsible for any costs associated with shipping the defective product to us for repair or replacement.



  • Natural Defect of product
  • Leather Stitching craftsmanship defect 
  • Zipper failure of any kind (Not including accidents from jamming the bag with too many items)
  • Leather material color fading and leather texture deterioration. 
  • Permanent smudge marks and scratches upon receiving of the bag. 
  • Disassemble and rip or tear of any parts of the bag from proper use.  



  • Damage resulting from, in the opinion of Tote&Carry, improper handling, lack of care, accidents, inappropriate use, modification, attempted repair, negligence, normal wear and tear or aging.
  • Products that are not purchased from an authorized Tote&Carry retailer.


The variations in color and texture over time will be affected by smudges and dirt due to use of bag. Please handle bag with care. For instructions on cleaning the bag please

Email: Support@totencarry.com  

Contact: +1 (909) 480-1430 (8am to 8pm EST, Monday - Friday) or support@totencarry.com  



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