Our Story

Tote&Carry - How Two Fashion Entrepreneurs from opposite sides of the U.S. collided to start a brand.

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Tony Rey @Official.Tonyrey and Stitch Doctor @therealstitchdoctor in Taipei, Taiwan 2017

Tote&Carry was officially established in June of 2016 by Tony Rey @Official.Tonyrey and Anthony Dennis @therealstitchdoctor. They both came from different backgrounds and culture but agreed to the same fact that a business opportunity and a chance to hit it big was something they wished for. They met at MAGIC SOURCING in Las Vegas in 2015 to discuss a potential hat project for a hip-hop artist. But like all potential business deals, they don't always happen the way you expected, nothing beneficial came from that meeting. After time passed they kept in contact and met back up in Atlanta, Georgia at the Cobb Show in 2015 of October. This time it was to discuss another headwear project for EFFN MOBB for 50 CENT and to attend the fashion launch party at 2Chainz's store Trapavelli. Again nothing much came out from the meeting, but a lot of ideas that were bounced back and forth. 

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Tony Rey @Official.Tonyrey and Stitch Doctor @therealstitchdoctor in Guangzhou, China 2018

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Tony Rey and Stitch Doctor in LA at the Holiday Inn, picking fabrics for the first Apollo Collection 2016

TOTE&CARRY - 'The Start'

After hanging out with Tony Dennis aka Stitch Doctor @therealstitchdoctor in Atlanta, Georgia. The two parties came together and realized they both were looking for something that they both was heavily missing. Tony Rey @Official.Tonyrey coming from a manufacturing background was looking for a talented designer to work with. Tony Dennis coming from a design background was looking for someone to work with on manufacturing. But both parties lacked trust in each other thru failed experiences in the market. Tony Dennis then decided to take a chance and took a flight out to Los Angeles to meet with Tony Rey. 

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The first Tote&Carry signature 'Apollo Collection' at Stitches Design Studio 

 Tote&Carry - 'First production run'

 a close up of text on a white backgroundTote&Carry : Fabric Swatch Sheet - First production Run 

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Tote&Carry : 1st Development Book Bag Sample 

 Our Story

Tote&Carry : 1st Production Cargo Arrival 
Tote&Carry - MAGIC Fashion Trade Show 2017, Las Vegas
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Tote&Carry @TotenCarry booth with Streetz Iz Watchin @streetzizwatchin
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The Unreleased Star Suede Apollo II Bag Set 
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Tony Rey @official.tonyrey and Tony Dennis @therealstitchdoctor at MAGIC Trade Show 2017, Las Vegas - Club Omnia 
To Be Continued. . . 

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