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Stitch Doctor and Tony Rey Tote&Carry

Tote&Carry is an affordable, luxury bag brand specializing in statement, fashion pieces and travel sets designed to elevate your look for any occasion. Our bags deliver eye-catching colors, a delicate blend of fabrics and a signature snakeskin pattern suitable for anyone with an eye for style. “You’ll always stand out when you wear our bags,” co-founder Tony Rey says about the stunning accessories. Unlike other luxury brand executives, Tote&Carry co-founders Rey and Tony Dennis are working to protect the environment by using eco-leather in their products. The dynamic duo also produces Tote&Carry bags at the highest caliber quality for unmatched prices. With artistic flair and bold creativity at the forefront of the brand, Tote&Carry combines unique patterns, blends, textures and lush fabrics to bring that staple, one of a kind “touch” to each of the exclusive collections. The minority-owned company has created luxurious bags for high-profile clients since it first broke ground in Atlanta in 2016. Now, Tote&Carry is bringing the same top-tier luxury to you at an affordable priceTo stay up to date on our newest collections and more, visit us on online at www.TotenCarry.com and check us out on all social media platforms.

Stitch Doctor and Tony Rey Tote&Carry owner


Tony Dennis, co-founder of Tote&Carry, is affectionately known as The Stitch Doctor aka Stitch for his decades-long career “stitching” custom, quality fashion pieces for high profile clients. With a keen eye for edgy trends, the Buffalo native who resides in Atlanta stands by his favorite quote, "Travel with luxury," and assures that all of his creations are truly luxurious. The popular designer, who stitched his first items using a worn-out sewing machine in his basement in 1992, has amassed nearly 30 years of experience. With a strong background and humble beginnings under his belt, the clothing guru transformed his basement into the workspace where he hand-crafted custom pieces for clients and later launched No Names Designs. He utilized the brand to express art through fashion by representing the African American community whose identity has been historically stolen. Further cementing his work in the industry, Dennis re-invented himself and became a highly sought-after designer and stylist. He has since worked with GQ Magazine, Netflix, Tyler Perry Studios, BYU TV and Swirl Network TV. Stich has also worked with stars and professional athletes including Shaquille O'Neal, Michael B. Jordan, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Big Ben Roethlisberger, Vivica A. Fox, Young Jeezy, Future, Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, Keyshia Cole, Jada Pinkett Smith, Janet Jackson and producer Drumma Boy. Dennis has also teamed up with music labels Epic and Motown Records. As co-founder of Tote&Carry, Stich is honored to say that “this is a product that wows people.”


Tony Rey and Stitch Doctor Tote&Carry Owners

Tony Rey, co-founder of Tote&Carry, knows exactly how to blend high fashion with quality couture. With his outstanding fashion sense, the Taiwan native confidently guarantees that when you wear Tote&Carry products, “Your bag will definitely spark conversation.” The industry tycoon, whose background began in manufacturing and business development after a chance encounter in the Los Angeles Fashion District with two international businessmen, was tapped to jumpstart their companies in the United States. Following his successful completion of the hefty task, Rey — fueled by his devoted work ethic and incomparable drive — went on to work with successful brands such as CEO Millionaires, BLVD Supply and Last Kingz. The entrepreneur has also helped manufacture accessories for renowned retailers including Zara, H&M, Adidas, Ross, Burlington, Citi Trends and Dr. Jay's. After meeting Tony Dennis at a trade show in Las Vegas, the two teamed up to establish Tote&Carry, their very own luxury brand. Now, the fashion executive is incredibly proud to offer exquisite pieces at affordable prices.




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