Caramel Legacy Travel Set - Regular Duffle + Backpack Tote&Carry

Caramel Legacy Travel Set

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Tote&Carry Legacy Collection 

Tote&Carry Legacy Caramel Duffle Travel Bag is the go to bag for your next adventure. Designed in the USA and handmade with an eco-friendly vegan leather material. It's spacious internal compartments allows you to easily pack and access your belongings with style, and on the go. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-scratch leather
  • Black interior made with a durable satin material
  • Easy to vacuum, wipe, and clean.
  • True to size,The Legacy Backpack (17” x 4” x 13”)



    • Eco-friendly, luxury vegan leather body and trim
    • Spacious interior with 6 open-top compartments and 1 zipper pocket
    • 5 protective base feet
    • Designed in the USA and crafted by hand
    • Carry on Luggage Certified
    • Carry on Luggage Certified
    • True to size, Legacy Regular Duffle Bag (17” x 10” x 7”) 'Weekend Travel'
    • True to size, Legacy XL Duffle Bag (22" x 14" x 10") 'International Travel'

    Tote&Carry - Legacy Travel Sets
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