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Leather Duffle Bags
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High Times Leo Mushroom Smell Proof Duffle
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    Varsity Duffle Bags
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    Cow Duffle Bags
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    Burgundy Velour Duffle
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      Patent Duffle Bags
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      Sherpa Duffle Bags
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      Black Quilted Duffle Bag
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        Black Grey Graffiti Roller Duffle
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          Frequently Ask Questions

          A duffle bag is a large bag with a top closure using a drawstring, coupled with a handle and a strap. Generally a duffle bag is used for travel, sports and recreational activities.

          Yes. You can use our regular duffle bag as a carry on item, but verify the airline's size requirements for carry on luggage if you want to use our XL Duffle Bag as a carry on.

          Pack Your Duffle Bag in this order:

          1. Place large, bulky items like your shoes on the bottom
          2. Roll clothing, then put rolled clothes organized by outfit in the middle.
          3. Put items that you need to be easily accessible at the top.
          4. Place non-valuable items in external pockets.

          For Leather Duffle bags, use a simple solution of water and mild soap. If you have an alcohol based cleaner you can use it also by dampening your cloth and gently cleaning the surface of the leather.

          Always carry the load over your shoulder with the strap on one side or crossed over the other side, so you can allow your whole body to carry the weight and not only your arm.

          A duffle bag is used for casual travel, business travel, and sports. Duffle bags are equipped with multiple compartments to fit clean clothes, shoes, and personal or toiletry items you need.

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