LA Fashion Week Tote&Carry x Def Jam


With a little bit under a 2 weeks time frame, we've put together a fashion show with our partners at The Model Experience and Def JAM at the Santa Monica Barker Hanger. The fashion show was a major success and thank you to our production team and all of our supporters, this fashion show definitely was a big step up from the Miami Roof Top fashion show last year. In this TOTE&CARRY LA FASHION SHOW you will get a sneak peak to whats dropping for Tote&Carry this summer, fall, and winter.


1. The 2 TONY's - Kobe and Shaq 

Even though they do see each other at the office everyday, this was a big moment for both of them. From humble beginnings, Stitch and Tony Rey always recollect on the days when they had nothing and they were both just struggling to make a living, now to a fashion show inside of an airplane hanger - this was a big moment.


2. Our production team lead Kevin No Special FX

Kevin Guzman aka 'No Special Fx' is our content production manager. He is behind the scenes a lot and make sure that our marketing and social media content is on point. Oh, and when needed he will jump into customer service department to help customers with any issues they have. 


3. White Cow Carry On Roller 

This cow roller with the matching vest definitely shut the show down. With this roller and vest look, this shit fiyah boy. Cow roller dropping mid August 2023, so make sure to stay tuned.


4. Burgundy velour travel duffle 

Some of you Tote&Carry fanatics might have seen this bag around since 2018. This burgundy luxury velour fabric duffle bag was one our top sellers and still is a fashion statement bag. If you have this duffle bag, a cheap hack to keep it nice and refresh is to grab the steamer from Target or Walmart, plug it in and steam this bag down. It'll come out looking amazing. Currently out of stock will be returning in fall of this year. 



5. Red strap roller duffle, doctor bag, and red mini bag

This fashion 'Travel Style' look is another shut down on the LA Fashion Week runway. The next time you are looking to travel for a meeting, a music show, or to your next fashion show reference this look. The red strap duffle coming in August 2023, both red mini ankle bag and red doctor bag in stock now and ready to ship. 



6. White frayed cloth overnight travel bag

This bag was designed in May 2022, after showing it off at the fashion show, we've got some great feedback on this design, and will consider releasing it to public fall 2023. What do you think? Cop or drop?  


7. Black Sofa Duffle Bag 

The market not ready for this next level bag. With this duffle bag, you can definitely see Tote&Carry creeping up your favorite top designer brand list. With a soft vegan leather texture, this duffle bag is to be handled with care. So yes, we don't want to hear that you messed your zippers up or your bag got scratched. This is a delicate affordable designer duffle bag. The black sofa duffle bag coming fall winter of 2023. 




8. The Royalty Collection

Designed sometime in 2022, this highly anticipated release of the 'Royalty Travel Bag' is set to release in FW of 2023. Tote&Carry will be releasing in very limited quantity making this collection an exclusive piece. This royalty travel duffle bag and back pack set combination will be looking to set fire any airports you show up to. 





9. High Times x Tote&Carry collaboration

With the increase in demand of cannabis and the legalization of the cannabis market in the U.S. nation wide. Tote&Carry has teamed up with High Times, one of the most recognized and reputable cannabis publication since the 1950's for an exciting 'Smell proof' travel bag division. The collection is expected to release in July of 2023 summer, and yes, these bags will all be smell proof.





10. 'STITCH DOCTOR' The designer and co founder of Tote&Carry. 

It's more than a passion for STITCH, this is a lifestyle. He dedicated his whole life on becoming an influential designer in the fashion industry. And with the on going debate of TOTE&CARRY being BLACK OWNED or not. Yes, STITCH holds a great chunk of equity in the brand and is a leader and supporter of the minority and black movement. Going all the way back in the 80s with his first clothing brand called 'No Names'. 


Special shot outs once again for all the models and supporters that participated in the LA Fashion Show with TOTE&CARRY x DEF JAM. Just in case you missed the event, you can watch the the full video clip here. Tote&Carry x Def Jam Fashion Show Los Angeles 

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