Everything You Need To Know About The Tote&Carry x Stitch Doctor “ANKLE BAG”

Is this a stylish ankle monitor or a new fashion multi functional mini bag? It could be both. 


The March 2023 new release  of the Tote&Carry 'Ankle Bag' or so called 'Mini Bag'  show cases street and culture influence. Transforming street and hip hop culture into a fashion multi functional bag is what STITCH DOCTOR is all about. Although some people have contradictions about this ankle mini bag, this bag simply isn't for everyone. Whether its a 'house arrest' ankle monitor or an old school belt phone holder bag, Tote&Carry is coming with new bags to set the trend and style. 


Fashion Look #1 Graffiti Vest White and the Graffiti Ankle Mini Bag.

These looks are not easy to come by, and you will never find this style of fashion anywhere on this earth. If you are not a fashion trendsetter, and like the more conservative looks. This is definitely not recommended for you, but if you like to be unique and different, we highly recommend this combination. 


Fashion Look #2 Graffiti Vest White and the Graffiti Ankle Mini Bag.

 Fashion is an expression, Tote&Carry is different. How about pulling up to the next date with your hot girlfriend and showing her that you got a 3M reflective mini bag on your wrist? Now thats different...and of course we had to throw in the reflective vest to really make this as loud as it goes. Now you are really shining when you pull up into the party or occasion, all eyes on you period.


Shop 3M collection here


Fashion Look #3 Red sport fanny pack and the red ankle bag.

Now this is taking it back to early 90s-2000s with his look. Remember the days you had a pager or the Nokia phone?  This style to wear the ankle mini bag is wrapping it around the belt. If you like to keep your ID, coins, chapstick, headphones, or whatever cannabis items you might like to carry. This way to wear the bag maybe more ideal for you. Keeping everything close and intact. 



If you think this look is too controversial then it might not be the bag for you to rock! Again, this mini ankle bag is a fashion statement piece if you in the streets than you would know. Shop the full collection here of all ankle bags.

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