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Celebrating Black Excellence:

Amplifying the Black Content Creator Voice

As Black History Month continues, it's a time to not only reflect on the past but also to celebrate the present and future of Black excellence. In the digital age, content creation has become a powerful platform for sharing stories, perspectives, and experiences. Today, we shine a spotlight on the vibrant community of Black content creators who are making their mark across various media channels and in the Tote&Carry Community.

Diverse Voices, Diverse Stories
Black content creators bring a richness and diversity of perspectives to the digital landscape. From filmmakers and podcasters to writers, artists, and social media influencers, they are crafting narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. Their stories explore themes of identity, culture, social justice, and beyond, challenging stereotypes and amplifying underrepresented voices.


Tote&Carry Creative Director + Designer


Starting with our very own, Kii Neal, Tote&Carry Creative Director + Designer -

In a recent interview, Kii shared his perspective on the influence of culture in today's fashion space and navigating the responsibilities of accurate representation.

Question: What inspired you to become a content creator and how does your content contribute to the celebration and understanding of Black History?

Answer: Many content creators are inspired by a desire to share their unique perspectives, stories, and talents with the world. I'm no different. For Black content creators specifically, there's often a deep-rooted passion for representation and the desire to contribute to a more inclusive narrative.

I, personally try to highlight achievements and resilience within the community but culture is everything in this industry and to the people that just enjoy being creative! My content is for everyone!

Question: How do you believe fashion and cultural expression intersect with the celebration of Black history and community?

Answer: I think that community has amplified cultural self-expression within the Black community. And I think that fashion and cultural expression both serve as forms of self-preservation and identity affirmation allowing us to celebrate our culture in a unique way.

(2 snaps for Kii and a hair flip!) 

Question: How do you navigate the responsibility of accurately representing Black history while also making it engaging for a diverse audience?

Answer: I try to make sure that I'm offering my audience a first-class look into me, as an individual and what I represent. I feel like I'm able to foster meaningful connections and undestanding within diverse audiences by just "being Kii" and I think that is seen in my design work and any content that I put out there. 


Screenshot 2024-02-16 080737.png__PID:3fd41248-2263-4122-9b5c-29c7b3847a52
bestseller ap2 emerald green travel set web banner.png__PID:10748f70-78f2-4909-81e1-720ed67fd4f1

Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges
In an industry often marked by barriers to entry, Black content creators are breaking through and paving the way for future generations. Through their creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit, they are forging new paths and reshaping the media landscape. Their success not only inspires but also creates opportunities for collaboration and mentorship, fostering a more inclusive creative community.


Artist | Model



Next up is the beautiful, London A'Lexus! London had a chat with the Tote&Carry team around why Black History Month is important to her and shares some of the challenges she's faced as a Black content creator. 

Question: Can you share with us why Black History Month is important to you personally?

 Black History Month is important to me because it offers an opportunity to reflect on and honor the experiences and accomplishments of my community, fostering a sense of pride and shared history. Embracing the idea that every day is an opportunity to appreciate, learn, and honor Black history promoting a continuous commitment to inclusivity and understanding. I am and will forever be apart of black history.

(yaaaas queen! She said what she said!)

Question: Have you faced any challenges or obstacles as a Black content creator? If so, how have you overcome them?

Answer: As a Black content creator I face many challenges such as unequal representation, stereotypes, and systemic barriers. Overcoming these hurdles requires my resilience and commitment in the creative industry. By building a strong online presence and collaborating with others, I help challenge stereotypes and contribute to a more inclusive representation in the creative space.

Question: How do you use your platform to showcase and uplift Black designers, stylists, and creatives?

Answer: I uplift and showcase black designers and creatives featuring their work on my platforms, promoting collaborations, and sharing myself using their products. It allows me to help amplify their brand, providing visibility and recognition within the industry.

collection banner - bff set.png__PID:53e81c65-ce7b-4a64-bc81-2402bbd311c5SHOP BFF SETS

Empowering Communities and Driving Change
Beyond entertainment, Black content creators are leveraging their platforms to drive meaningful change and empower their communities. Whether through advocacy, education, or activism, they are using their voices to address issues of systemic racism, inequality, and representation. By sparking important conversations and advocating for social justice, they are helping to shape a more equitable and inclusive society.


Artist | Model | Actor


Last, but not least is the multi-talented Markell Epps! Markell provides his own personal insights into the importance of celebrating Black accomplishments through his own content. 

Question: Why is Black History Month important for you?

AnswerBlack History Month is important to me because it’s glorifies my culture and the amazing accomplishments that my ancestors have achieved. During Black History Month we get to celebrate the trailblazers and creators within the Black community!


Question: What are some challenges that you've faced within the content creator community as a Black man?

AnswerAs a black content creator I face challenges everyday. Sometimes there are models chosen over me or influencers taking credit for content that myself and other black content creators, started. I'm constantly having to prove myself.

Question: What message or legacy do you hope to leave through your content, and how do you envision continuing to make an impact in the future?

AnswerWhere I come from and the things I've overcome and things that I'm still overcoming, I'm a legend; from sports, to music, to modeling, character, or achievements. I just want to encourage the youth looking up to me and let people from my hometown know that they shouldn't box themselves in and that they too, can achieve success.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 230943.png__PID:3b6d61ce-0094-466d-b4e9-0a403a100416
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Celebrating Excellence, Today and Every Day
As the Tote&Carry family celebrates Black History Month, let us honor the contributions of Black content creators and recognize the importance of their work year-round. By supporting their projects, engaging with their content, and amplifying their voices, we can help create a more inclusive and equitable media landscape for all. Together, let us celebrate Black excellence and continue to champion diversity, representation, and empowerment in the digital age.

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