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Celeb dads don’t carry their babies- they practice #BabyWearing, keeping their hands fashionably free to rock their kids on their chiseled chests with their luxury luggage.

And all kinds of dads deserve all kind of bags (which make the best father’s day gifts): fitness fathers, tech daddies, hipster dads, and over-planning patriarchs that need lots of pockets.  Dadhood is peeking in admirable, superhero-savvy and eco-styled ways: James Bond 007’s Daniel Craig, Dead Pool’s  Ryan Reynolds, and THOR’s Chris Hemsworth all baby wrap in style. Backpack-loving Kevin Hart gets turnt up by wearing his baby Kenzo in a front carrier, proudly flaunting it via hashtag: #FlyDaddyShit.


Kevin Hart with his studded backpack

Photo credit: BET Networks

Dad-o-six Brad Pitt employs a classic brown leather baby bag (often seen with matching travel bags) while towing son Knox, and looks damn cool doing it.  Stephen “tWitch” Boss uploads baby dance videos with little Zaia as she's strapped in his patterned, grey cotton carry-all, helping Tik Tokers drive the kid-in-tow trend. 

Diddy's Sean John line sells out travel bags and carry-on luggage worldwide; even Friends devoted an episode ("The One with Joey's bag") to the fashion-flipping news: men have baggage, too. And this kind of baggage makes the best father’s day gift.

This isn't new. According to GQ, Renaissance family men wore 'girdle pouches'  to hold household spices, herbs and money. Cut to Indiana Jones in the 20th century, one very famous brown satchel (not luxury luggage, but actuality a British gas mask bag) flung across the seductive shoulders of real-life dad and father of the silver screen, Harrison Ford. (Zach Galifianakis saddled a satchel as Alan in The Hangover simply because “Indiana Jones has one.”)

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, with his iconic satchel
photo: Disney Studios

As men’s dress codes have relaxed, designers have upped their menswear game to allow the boys to also travel in style.

The Los Angeles Times reported Laker/tastemaker LeBron James carries a rare $44,000 black alligator doctor's bag; quite the luxury travel bag.

LeBron James carries a rare $44,000 black alligator doctor's bag; https://www.latimes.com/fashion/la-ig-essentials-man-bags-20180712-story.html

1-in-4 Englishmen don't rock matching luggage but instead rock a ManBag, with the goal to copy hot soccer dads like David Beckham.

Attitudes towards unisex carry-alls and hold-all duffels n' backpacks have changed. A$AP Rocky, Snoop Dogg, and Big Sean like being seen up in downtown designer laptop bags; Kayne West and Usher do the leather tote in public, while Seal and Lil Uzi's style points to the cross bag. All great choices for father’s day gifts.

Singer Seal and his black leather cross bag
Photo credit: Ben Dome/Pacific Coast News

This Father's Day, Tote&Carry honors dads of every age, shape and color, for their commitment to family- of course, done cruelty-free and fashionably. From oversized, multi-colored Fridge backpacks and barely-basic briefcases, to roomy sets of duffels made of vegan alligator and snake skin leathers, we outfit the man of all seasons.


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