How to Choose the Perfect Bags for College Girls in 2022

How to Choose the Perfect Bags for College Girls in 2022

When you’re in college you need a way to carry your books, papers, notebooks, and other stationery to class. Often campuses are quite large, so there is no option to travel back to your dorm room to drop off your morning classes books. This means you not only need a bag to store everything you need for the day, but also your personal items, such as cosmetics or glasses, and snacks. It’s also important that this bag should be stylish and attractive to wear.

If you’re puzzled over the endless listings for bags for college girls in 2022, then please read further for some ideas on how to choose the perfect bag for you.


1. Affordable but not cheap. One of the main concerns of college is being able to afford everything you need, plus treating yourself on occasion. It’s important to have a monthly budget set up. You’ll need a bag that you can use for every day of your college week, but that will also work if you have a break and are able to get off campus to attend a concert, go shopping, or just hang out with friends at the beach.

College girls can have many challenges in life. If their mothers have taught them that investment bags are important, they may wonder how they can actually afford to buy one themselves. But it turns out that they aren’t really an investment. It’s fine for rich people to tell others what to buy, but not fine for you to charge up your credit card or incur more debt as a student. After all, the whole point of college is to earn a degree for a high-paying career. Then in a few years’ time you can buy anything you should ever want. It’s important for college girls to focus on their budget and stick to it.

Another issue with wanting to buy designer luxury goods can also involve psychology. But you’ll have to get past this because there are far more important things to spend money on. That’s the first step to being an adult and having the ability to say no and not listen to authority. Trust your instincts and stick to your own budget.

That’s why you should choose an affordable bag but not necessarily a cheap one. Our bags here at ToteNCarry are not only affordable but they are also durable and will last beyond your college years. Backpacks make a great college bag but also have plenty of space to store everything you need for the day, such as this Canary Yellow Apoola 1 BFF Backpack. This neutral color will work for most of your outfits. Not only is it stylish, but you won’t feel embarrassed if you’re hanging out with the rich girls in college either. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good!


2. Consider your style. What’s your style? This will help you to choose the perfect bags for college girls. Do you prefer something simple that’s not covered in jewels, metal, or tassels? Or, perhaps you prefer something that looks fancy, such as shiny snakeskin, with metal grommets, and big bold beads? Take a look at your current college bags. Are they plain and boring and you need to update your style? Or, have you loved your old bags, but unfortunately, they are falling apart now?

What kinds of clothes do you wear? Are you super-casual in jeans or sweatpants, or semi-formal in skirts and jackets? Obviously you want a college bag that fits, not clashes with your look.

If you still love your old bags, but they are torn or falling apart, now is the time to purchase a new one. Have a look around our website, as we have many different styles to suit everyone. There may just be something here to suit you! And, if you don’t see exactly what you had, then you can order something new to complement your look, and feel confident that you’re keeping up with today’s modern styles!


3. Function of your bag. We know that you want your bag for college, but consider what exactly is the purpose of it. How many textbooks will it need to carry? Are these books paperback and lightweight, or heavy and hardcover? Do you need room for several notebooks or just one? And pens, pencils, and paper clips often get lost in a bag. A separate zippered pocket would be the perfect spot to store what you need, instead of being embarrassed in class by having to dump your bag out on the desk.

If your bag is strictly for college classes then you may wish to buy a second bag for your personal life. This bag may have a funner look to it, or may be more formal with shiny metal and tassels. Do you need a spot to hold your makeup or a mirror? Again, you don’t want to scramble through your bag to find what you need. On the other hand, a bag with several zippered pouches may not be that handy when you can’t figure out which one has your smart phone or lipstick in it! So you may want something a bit simpler for all day.


4. Search the listings. It helps to have a look around too. Please visit our ToteNCarry website for several ideas. We have bags for every occasion, including for college or work. Bags for college girls is a popular search item this year, so you’ll want to do research to see what’s hot or not. If you don’t follow the trends and decide to go your own route, then have a look anyway, because one of our backpacks may call out to you, and be the perfect bag for your upcoming semester.

Did you know that you can shop in privacy on our site? Yes! That means that for any bags that catch your eye you can simply pop in the shopping cart and view them later, without any commitment. This is a handy way to remember what you viewed in the past, rather than trying to scroll up and down through the site to find that bag that caught your eye earlier. When you’re ready, simply click on the shopping cart icon to view your cart. You can then click on each item’s link to take a closer look at it. You can leave it in your cart to view again later, or simply delete that item if it’s not right for you.


5. Try something new. Chances are you already know your own style. It may be super-casual, or formal. You may have seen other college girls with wonderful designer bags but thought that wasn’t for you. On the other hand, you may be tired of the same old style. Take a look around our website to see if any of the bags stand out to you.

If you’re worried that you don’t have an outfit to match, then have a look through your closet. Chances are there is an outfit in there that you haven’t worn too often. The reason why? Probably because you didn’t have the right accessories to match. But now you have the opportunity to buy a bag that matches the style of that abandoned outfit.

If it’s a bag in a different color that you haven’t considered before, such as this Red Apollo 2 BFF Backpack, then you may want to give a new style a try. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but once the compliments start coming in, you’ll feel happier and more confident that you made the right choice.


6. Materials & trinkets. Handbags, luggage, tote bags, and backpacks are made in one of three types of materials: vinyl or plastic, animal-based leather, and vegan leather or plant-based leather. Consider what your ethics are and decide what type of materials you desire in your new bags. The type of materials also involves many other factors, such as durability, waterproofness, and even how it looks, smells, and feels.

You should also consider the other aspects of your new bags. Do you need carry handles or a cross-body strap, or straps to sling over one or both shoulders? Perhaps you need two options, or all?

What other decorations are on the bag? Are there metal studs, grommets, or other decorative items? Are there zipper tassels or rhinestones or beading? You may want to have a look at the zippers too. Consider if the color is right for you. Are the zippers big and of high quality so they won’t break? Bags for college girls should look good, but be made of high quality materials and trinkets so they last for the duration of your college years.


7. Simplicity in cleaning. If you’ve been eyeing some bags on our website, read the description. How easy will they be to clean? Shiny or matte leather and vinyl is simple to clean with a damp cloth. If there is any dirt on the bottom of the bag, a tiny amount of dish soap will suffice to clean it off. Suede is more difficult to clean and you’ll have to purchase special cleansers for it, if you’re willing.

Decorative metal on the bags should be carefully cleaned and then dried. If there is some tarnishing that is occurring, you can use a small amount of tarnish cleaner to clean it off.

Don’t forget the inside of the bag too. How easy is it to turn upside down and shake out any debris? Several zippered compartments can be tricky to clean, particularly if you’ve spilled a cookie or chips inside. Can you turn the cloth out to rinse it out if required? Bags should be simple to clean and can then sit on the counter to dry for a bit.

8. Storage ability. How simple will it be to access the school materials in your new bag? Will you have to undo a snap, buckles, and a zipper to get at what you need? Or, can you undo one clasp to reach all the items you need for class that day? Your bag should also be big enough to carry everything you need. The last thing you want is for your bag to overflow with notebooks, and then have your smart phone fall out when you’re not looking! All your personal items should be fit neatly inside the bag, but still be simple to pull out as required.

Keep in mind that if you live in a rainy climate, that your bag will need to protect your items from the rain. But on the other hand, you don’t want to have to fumble for your items. Also consider how easy it is to unzip the zipper. You don’t want to have it stick and not be able to get to the items you need. The zipper should be strong and durable.


9. How it makes you feel. This may seem like a small reason when you’re shopping for bags for college girls, but it’s also a valid one too. While you want to consider the other aspects when shopping for a new hand bag, you should also consider how it makes you feel.

Look at the online ad for the bag. Does it make you smile? Perhaps you can picture yourself carrying this bag in your hand, or wear it over your shoulder or your back. Perhaps it will make carrying your books easier, so you don’t have to struggle, or carry your books in your arms. And once your new bag or bags arrive, you’ll be so excited and ready to try them out! It’s too bad that you won’t be able to carry two or three to your classes to show them off all at once, but the good news is that there are plenty of days in the week to show them all off.


10. How will others react? Many college girls won’t care about this one. They may not care about what others think about them, and that includes what they wear. But on the other hand, if you’re puzzled as to what to wear, you may consider how others react to your new bag with outfit. Will your friends react positively? Perhaps they’ve been offering their advice to you for the past year, but you’ve been ignoring it. Now may be the time to consider their valuable advice and listen.

You can take their suggestions and browse our online bags for college girls shopping site. There are plenty of options here, so you can take these suggestions and make them work for you. And just think about how your friends will react when you show up in class! They’ll be pleased that you took their advice, even if it’s just only one time!


11. It should enhance your body. Even the best bag won’t make you look good if it’s not the right size for your body. According to the Economic Times, you should choose the proper bag that also matches the size of your body. This means if you’re small and short that you shouldn’t choose a long and big bag that’s going to overwhelm your shape. Likewise, if you’re big and tall, you don’t want a tiny bag that’s going to disappear.

A bag should offer the right proportion to your body type. When you’re viewing the listings for a bag on the website be sure to read the listing details. If you’re uncertain, check the measurements, then draw them out onto paper. Tape the pieces of paper together if you must. Then hold it up to your body and look in the mirror. Is it a good proportion for your body? Or, does the bag look too small or too large? If so, you may want to shop on the site for something in a slightly different shape or size.


12. It’s comfortable to carry. There’s no point in a buying a new bag if it’s uncomfortable to carry. You’ll soon have it stowed in the closet, never to be seen again. Carefully look at the handles on a new bag you want to purchase. Will the handle fit comfortably in your hand? If you are carrying a ton of books, can the bag be carried over one or both shoulders? What is the load bearing like?

Are these handles soft enough, or are the edges sharp and that will dig into your skin? Will the handles fit comfortably, carrying most of the weight, or will the burden be placed on your back, potentially causing damage? You want to consider that no matter how you carry your bag, that you will easily be able to carry it to your classes or back to your dorm room.

One other consideration is to see how durable the handles or the straps are. You don’t want them to wear out and pull away from the thread or materials. Too small straps for a large bag just doesn’t make sense. Carefully check those photos online before you buy.


13. It’s not heavier than your books. Just how heavy is that new bag you want to buy? It may seem like it holds plenty of books, but it may be just as heavy as hauling several books. The last thing you want is for your new bag to be as heavy as if you’re hauling several additional books. You don’t want to strain to carry your books from class to class no matter how lovely your new bags for college girls look!

If you’re shopping in-person, pick up that bag and check its weight. If you’re shopping online, read the description. You may wish to grab some of your current bags for reference, and place them on a scale to weigh them. Choose the weight you’re most comfortable with, then shop in that scale online.


14. View with a photo. If you need help with determining how an online photograph of bags for college girls will look with your outfits, then grab a photograph of yourself. Or, pull out your smart phone and hold it up next to the listing of your favorite bag on your computer to see if it will suit you.

If you have any photo editing skills, you could even grab the image of that bag and edit it to be with the photograph of yourself. Take a closer look. Has it turned out the way you have imagined it? Or, do you need something in a different color, or even a different shape or style? Keep playing with the images until you see a bag that complements your face and body.


15. Quality of closures. Nothing is worse than buying a new bag, then having the zipper break in the first few weeks. But that has happened to all of us in the past. Carefully inspect the zipper in the bag listing. Is it super-narrow and with a small pull? Chances are it’s not durable enough to survive a busy college lifestyle. But if that bag has a wide and durable zipper to it, with a tassel pull to make it easier to get open or closed, then that will be the right purchase for you.

If the zipper is gold, then it might fade over time if it’s gold- or brass-plated. But don’t stop at zippers. If there are snaps on the bag, they should also be strong and durable. There may also be other types of closures, such as the insert and twist type, which should naturally last a long time. Take a look at the closures in the photos. If they are too small on a big bag, they may not last very long. If the closures are super-large, that is a good sign of not only design, but of durability. But generally, an even balance between function and style is what you should be seeking.


16. For day or night. Naturally, when you’re shopping for bags for college girls they will be for the daytime, but perhaps you want a bag for all purposes. You may wish to empty your bag out in your college dorm room at the end of the day, and then use it to go to a concert or party. Now you need your bag to hold your makeup, a mirror, scarf, and even a bottle of wine.

Consider whether your bag should be for day or for night, or perhaps for both. If you don’t want to use the same bag all day long, then shop for your college backpack, then shop for a handbag or evening bag for your recreational events. There are plenty of different options on our site, so if you’re shopping for one bag, then have a look around to add to your shopping cart and save on shipping. If you’re on a strict budget, then simply get your college bag, then bookmark our site for when you receive your next check from your job, or, ask for it as a Christmas or birthday gift!


17. Handbag, backpack, or tote? You may be shopping for a bag for college, but you may also need other bags too, such as a small handbag, or a tote bag to carry groceries. If you want to save on shipping, then shop around for everything you need in order to save on shipping now. If you have a strict budget, you may wish to allot one bag per season into the budget. Over one year, you’ll soon have a complete line of handbags for every purpose and outfit in your wardrobe.

And your new bag of any shape or size doesn’t have to be ugly either. According to the Inside Out Style Blog, a bag can be both beautiful and practical too. There’s no need to settle for old tote bags or sporting goods bags that are unattractive. Consider your budget first, then choose a good backpack. If it’s within your budget, go ahead and buy additional bags, or other backpacks to match every color in your wardrobe.


18. Ask a friend. Are you still uncertain what type of bags for college girls to buy? Now may be the time to consult with a friend about which bag is right for you. Sometimes a friend can put things into perspective. They may talk you out of that cute but too small bag that is not going to work for college supplies. They may also talk you out of that plain beige colored bag that won’t match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Instead, you’ll get valuable advice on what type of bag will suit your body type and your personal style. They’ll let you know what their suggestions are for the right bag for carrying your college books and gear to class each day. If they are a friend who is one year ahead of you then they’ll already know what type of bag works and what type doesn’t.


19. Visit in-person stores. Sometimes we hit a road block when shopping for anything over $100. If you’re still not certain, it is best to head to an actual in-person handbag store to see what they have on offer. There, you can touch and feel the materials to see what you prefer. You can even hold the bag in your hands to get a feel for how it will be in transport. If you choose a bag with shoulder handles, then you can try it on to see if it’s too big or too small for your body type, or perhaps it will be just perfect.

Most bags come in a variety of colors, so seeing all these variations in a store will give you an idea of what your fave colors are. You can hold them up to the outfit you are wearing and see if it’s appropriate. Stores have mirrors so you can see yourself holding these bags. Choose a mid-end store so that the bags aren’t kept locked up behind a glass display case, but instead a spot where you can closely view them and touch them as required.

Once you’ve completed your visit, make note of the bag styles that you prefer, and what colors caught your eye. Then you can shop on our website for similar bag styles, but without that huge “designer bag” markup.


20. What if it’s a gift? It may not be simpler shopping for yourself, until you need to shop for a gift for another college friend or family member who is in college. Then you may be puzzled. What exactly do they like? It may take a bit of research to figure it out.

First, when was the last time you saw them? Or, will you be seeing them again at an event in the near future? What kind of handbag were they carrying? If you were at their dorm room or in their home, what kinds of bags do they have?

Start a conversation with them, in person or over the phone. Redirect the conversation to fashion. Let them know you’re shopping around for a new bag for college but aren’t certain what to buy. Ask them what they like. This will give them the perfect opportunity to tell you what exactly they prefer. Be sure to ask about real leather versus vinyl or vegan leather. Find out what their favorite colors are. Perhaps they prefer neutral colors in a bag and accessories, or vice versa in clothing, but with bright colorful clothes.

If you’re still stumped, simply buy them a gift card for an online shopping site that they can use to buy whatever they’d like. And perhaps you’ll even ask for the same too, from friends and family members when it’s time to shop for your birthday or for Christmas later this year!

You may be able to think up even more ways to help you to choose the perfect bags for college girls in 2022. We hope you find the perfect bag for your college life here on our site, and hope that you come back soon to see the new bags we’ll have available for the next season. Just think about how happy and confident you’ll be when your new college bags arrive! Now you can ditch that old sports backpack or cloth shopping bag. You’ll feel happier and more confident when you attend your classes. And that means that you’ll enjoy the success you need to finish college and have a great life!

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