Gifts for Women in Their 20s

Gifts for Women in their 20s 

As the year comes to a close and everyone begins to scramble for last-minute gift ideas, get ahead of the game for once and bang out your shopping list early. While collecting items for most of your family and friends is simple, a sweater for mom, perhaps a new tool kit for your pops, there's a special woman in her 20s that'll stop the flow and have you brainstorming hard for a gift. 

Whether it's a sister, close friend, or girlfriend, this generation of women in their 20s can be the hardest to shop for, mainly because there's a lot out there to choose from. Between the homebodies, minimalists, makeup enthusiasts, athletes, and the travels, there's several gifts for women that can fit every category. We've combed through it all and picked out a full-proof list perfect for any special Millennial or Gen Z lady in your life. 

Layered Jewelry

Add to her collection of necklaces and keep her on trend with a set of 3 jewelry pieces that layer on top of one another. As the perfect delicate lineup to pair with any outfit, she’ll appreciate the intentional design and elevated design without all the tangles of traditional layering pieces. When it comes to buying gifts for women, you can’t go wrong with jewelry.

Women’s Cardigan

Enhance her wardrobe with an oversized cardigan that’s soft and cozy while still fashionable for any occasion. Made with durable wool it’s meant to last and can be the perfect gift for a woman in her 20s who works at the office, or at home. You can never go wrong with a clothing piece that promotes layering.

Silk Pillowcase

This silk pillowcase gives a whole new meaning to “beauty sleep” and especially for the girl with curls, best believe this is a must have gift for women to keep her coils intact. Incorporating silk pillowcases in your sleep routine has also been known to prevent wrinkles and an overall better night’s sleep.

Air Fryer

If she’s throwing down in the kitchen, but wants to modernize her skills, this air fryer can get the job done no matter the recipe. Especially for the kitchen area, gifts for women can be complicated. But for the woman in her 20s who’s always on the go, this gift will help her make a home cooked meal in half the time and all the taste. No need to give your grandma a call for step by step directions, but still call just to say hello.

Edge Wine Glasses

Support her level of sophistication with unique wine glasses that bring a heightened sense of bougie with every sip. For the wine lover in your life, these are a set of glasses that will get her compliments every time she hosts. Purchasing elegant gifts for women can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Even when she’s having a nice wine down watching her favorite show, these completely change the experience, adding a little zest of luxury.

Massage Gun

Give the gift of muscle relief for the woman who goes hard at the gym or maybe she just complains about her body aches. This Massage Gun is a must-have and will certainly help to alleviate pain. With the power to mimic the rotation of a deep tissue massage, it’s the ultimate gift for a woman in her 20s who enjoys the artistry of healing and good health.

Foam Roller

If the power of a massage gun is too much and she’s more of a yoga type of gal, this foam roller gets the job done while still practicing good habits of stretching. Take on the task of buying gifts for women with this special item to take physical health to the next level. Aside from releasing tight muscles, the added bumps in the roller aid in lymphatic drainage and help decrease inflammation for added benefits.

Subscription Box

When someone really loves a specific activity or item, your best bet is to go with a Subscription Box. As a gift that keeps on giving, Forbes outlined a great lift of subscription boxes catered as gifts for women. From the coffee lovers to the beauty gurus, there’s a subscription box for them to enjoy over and over again, with you to thank.

Lounge Set

If she works from home, or is a homebody at heart, there is no doubt that a lounge set will be appreciated as one of the best gifts for women. Perfect for staying cozy and chic, there's no better gift for a women in her 20s than a matching set to make her feel more put together. We can all agree that we sometimes spend more than enough time in our pajamas and it’s nice to have some change in house clothes.

Outdoor Gear

For the woman who loves the great outdoors, there are so many gifts to get her outside doing something she’ll love. Use this National Geographic gift guide for ideas that will get her going with an experience she’ll never forget. Whether she needs new gear, or has always talked about trying something adventurous once she had the tools, this guide is essential when brainstorming gifts for women.

Facial Roller

The skincare lover in your life absolutely needs a Facial Roller to help penetrate her products deep into her skin for optimal results. Place in the freezer and roll your problems away morning and night, or even in-between heated moments in the day. It’s a great gift for women in their 20s that use preventative measures in their routines. Help her to cool off and get closer to her skincare goals.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

We all can agree that the struggle is real when it comes to waking up early. If she’s someone who hits snooze more than often than not, Sunrise Alarm Clock is the item that will transform her life. Wake up with ease each day, with this special alarm clock that uses technology to gradually increase a sunrise simulation. When thinking about gifts for women, ask yourself if she struggles with early morning rising.

Tech Gifts

Giving the gift of advanced technology can truly transform someone’s life. For the women who love and appreciate tech, Business Insider has a great lineup of gifts for women in their 20s who lead a busy life and happily welcome new tech to make life a little easier and fun.

Gratitude Journal

Mindfulness is a gift that stays with you forever. If she’s someone who wants to work more on her mental wellness, this intentional journal helps to create perspective and see the good that surrounds your life. Including prompts, challenges, and inspirational quotes, this journal says everything you need when thinking for gifts for women in their 20s. Especially if she wants to focus on gratitude for an improved mindset.

Mug Warmer

Never again witness to a neglected cup of coffee with this Mug Warmer. As a go getter gift for a woman in her 20s, maybe she isn’t always able to enjoy her hot beverage, this gift is necessary. Place any hot beverage on this mug warmer and it will automatically keep your beverage nice and warm.

Detangling Brush

When it comes to improving the manageability of your hair, there’s nothing more important than a great detangling brush. This unique brush is built with enhanced durability to take on any knots and tangles of all hair types. Perfect for the woman who tends to struggle on wash days, give her a gift she’ll be thrilled to use. Hair care is always a plus for buying gifts for women in their 20s.

Traveling Gift Set

Gifts for women in their 20s can always lead to traveling. Buy her something where she can take to the sky in style with a backpack and duffle sets that are durable, vibrant and crafted with careful detail for any upcoming trip. Handmade with eco-friendly leather material, this spacious traveling set from Tote & Carry is the perfect gift for the woman who loves traveling, or is always on the go for work or pleasure.


Improving someone’s health always works for buying gifts for women and this juicer certainly assists. With the ability to prepare homemade juices with ease, it’s the best appliance to have your kitchen when you have leftover fruits and veggies. If she’s been thinking about starting her new year with a juice cleanse, this gift will make it happen.

Air Diffuser

The peace created in a home can quickly alter someone’s mood. Make her space feel incredible with a gift of an air diffuser and essential oils included. Known for being amazing gifts for women in their 20s, these gifts can cultivate a great change in the air that makes you feel so much better than when you first entered.

Coffee Machine

For the woman in her 20s who needs her first cup of coffee before starting the day, upgrade her caffeinated journey with a brand-new machine. This stainless-steel appliance incorporates a coffee making technology that certainly makes a difference in how it tastes. Claim it as a multifunctional gift that aids to increased productivity as well for the ultimate coffee collection gifts for women.

New Mom Must Haves

If the woman you’re shopping for is a new parent, this may completely change the game for what you may want to buy. USAToday has a great list of recommended gifts for women and what she may need after such a huge milestone moment in her life. Whether it’s your sister, a good friend, or your coworker, these gifts will truly be appreciated.

Luxury Laptop Bag

From coffee shops, to plane rides, and long commutes into work, these gifts for women are for those who never leave without their laptop and are always working on something. This laptop bag from Tote & Carry is a luxurious way to keep your electronics protected and showcase your boss moves on the go. Available in a variety of colors it’s a stylish yet functional bag that keeps you organized and motivated to keep the petal on the gas.

Cotton Robe

Allow her home to feel more like a spa oasis with a robe that feels like butter on her body. Made with a soft material, this comforting robe will be a fan favorite for gifts for women in their 20s who prioritizes self-care and relaxation, or just loves the chic feeling of throwing on a robe at any given moment. All year long, she’ll be thankful for a gift that prompts her to take care of herself.

Fur Slippers

For an added layer of comfort to accompany the robe experience, these slippers provide the finishing touches to the ultimate relaxation outfit. Especially for the woman who uses house shoes year-round, these comfy slippers will keep your feet toasty and are durable enough to withstand the everyday errands that keep her moving throughout the house. Made with an added plush bottom, they offer a “walking on a cloud” effect that makes it a part of our gifts for women list.

Blow Out Hot Air Brush

When the change in weather shifts from hot to cold, it can also mean a change in hairstyles for women with curls. If she blows out her hair in the colder months for winter manageability and convenience, this needs to be on your shopping list of gifts for women in their 20s. This multifunctional technique allows the hair to be detangled, dried, and blown out all in one use. In half the time and half the unbearable heat of traditional blow-drying methods, she’ll never go back to her old ways of straightening for the season.

Double Walled Water Bottle

Keep her hydrated and on top of her health goals for the new year with a water bottle that is stylish and durable for all day sipping. Make gifts for women in their 20s simple with this item that helps her stay on track of her water intake and make strides towards improving how her body looks and feels. Made with double wall insulation, liquids stay cold for up to 24 hours. The gift of seamless hydration can always be appreciated.

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