Best Leather Laptop Bags for Ladies

Best Leather Laptop Bags for Ladies


Whether you’re commuting to the office, the nearest coffee shop, or the airport, you’ve got to take your laptop with you. You need a good bag for your laptop, one that offers protection from potential bumps and drops.

Luckily at Tote & Carry, we’ve got the best laptop bags available. We carry both lush velour and leather laptop bags for ladies.


1.The Black Apollo 2 Backpack

One of our most popular leather laptop bags for ladies is the Black Apollo 2 Backpack. Since it’s a backpack, it’s easy to travel with. It’s got beautiful vegan snakeskin leather with an exposed gold zipper. Even though it’s black, it’s sure to be the statement piece of any outfit.

It has a 15” laptop compartment with plushy insides designed to keep your laptop safe. It also has matching luggage, so you can look extra stylish at the airport.

2. Black Velour Business Laptop Bag

The Black Velour Business Laptop Bag is all business with an edgy, stylish flair. It has high-quality velour on the body with beautiful eco-friendly leather trim. It comes in a 17” or a 15”laptop size, and it also has a padded laptop compartment to keep your laptop safe and sound. It has two attached handles and an included shoulder strap.

Although velour isn’t considered one of the leather laptop bags for ladies, it’s one of our best laptop bags. It’s chic, goes with everything, and the unique black velour texture makes it look rich and luxurious.

3. Tangerine Apollo 1 Backpack

We have a wide selection of leather laptop bags for ladies, including leather backpacks. But we have a special place in our hearts for our Tangerine Apollo 1 Backpack. Its bright orange vegan leather is the definition of urban luxury and the perfect functional statement piece.

Store your laptop in the padded internal laptop compartment, and you’ll find the exposed contrast gold zippers and an under-flap storage pocket.

4. Royal Blue Velour Business Laptop Bag

Do you like velour, but black isn’t exactly your color? Take a look at our Royal Blue Velour Business Laptop Bag. It comes in a 15” or 17” laptop size and has contrasting gold hardware against the navy blue velour body.

We love the navy blue business laptop bag because it’s a little brighter than the black, and the leather trim is a contrasting lighter navy blue. As one of the best laptop bags, it includes a high-quality padded laptop compartment.

Visit our website to find our most fashionable leather laptop bags for ladies. Your luxury laptop bag awaits!

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