The Ultimate Guide to the Best Designer Totes

Are you thinking about getting a designer tote? Totes are popular, practical, and fashionable enough to go with all outfits. Whether you’re thinking of buying one for your friend, mom, sister, or yourself, the best designer tote will carry your things and look stylish while doing it.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to designer totes! Read on to learn why you need a designer tote, how they came to be, and how to take care of yours.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Designer Totes

Why You Need a Tote

There are so many reasons you need a tote. Totes can be purely practical, but fashion designers have recently made them stylish as well. They can be dressed up or down, and they come in a wide range of materials to suit your personal needs.

Why You Need a Tote

You Can’t Have Too Many Bags

You can never have too many bags or shoes! To be fair, not everyone likes to collect clothing or accessories and have an overflowing closet. But tote bags are the exception to the rule. The difference is that tote bags vary so widely that someone can always use them.

Take canvas totes, for instance. You can use those for laundry, groceries, or toys for the kids. If you’ve got a nicer tote bag, then you can use it as a fashion accessory or as a luggage carry-on.

They’re a Fashion Accessory

If you pay attention to fashion runways, you’ll notice that designers use tote bags in their shows all the time. It isn’t surprising, because designer totes are beautiful and go with lots of outfits. The best designer totes are from Tote & Carry, which offer totes in many different colors, materials, and designs. They’ll cater to any aesthetic, whether you prefer something more business-like or more whimsical.

If you’re looking for a designer tote that’ll match your workwear, your best bet is a structured vegan leather tote. Consider the Caramel Apollo 1 Tote bag; it’s large enough to carry your laptop and other work materials, and the classic caramel color is classy, neutral, and will go with your work clothes.

They’re a Fashion Accessory

If you don’t want something so prim and proper, you can find a tote that’s more bright and relaxed. For instance, the Red Apollo 1 Tote Bag is a bright cherry red color that is fun and casual. You’ll draw attention wherever you go, and the red goes with a surprising number of outfits.

They’re a Fashion Accessory

They’re Large Enough for Your Things

Never feel like you don’t have enough space again. Are you ever out and about and realize you forgot something at home? Or have you ever switched your day bag to your smaller night bag, only to feel like it isn’t big enough?

You don’t have to deal with those things again. Switch to a large tote bag so you won’t have to sacrifice something you need. Keep your three pairs of glasses, large wallet, hand sanitizer, and sweater with you at all times. After all, you never know when you’re going to need them.

Totes are So Versatile

Totes aren’t just pretty, they have so many uses that make them invaluable. Because they’re large and the best designer totes are fashionable, you can really use them for anything you would normally use a bag for. For instance, you can use it as a laptop bag, bring it to work, and use it as an evening bag right after work. In fact, bring your dinner clothes in your designer tote so you can easily change without going home.

Totes are So Versatile

They’re Great For Traveling

If you’re big into traveling, you probably think “Can I travel with this?” before you purchase something. It’s an important question to ask yourself because some things were simply not made for traveling. Small bags, large makeup palettes, and heavy shoes are notoriously difficult to travel, pack and carry.

But a designer tote bag is not difficult for travel. In fact, it’s very convenient for traveling. It works perfectly as a carry-on to your flight when you’re trying to fit just one more outfit on your vacation. Totes are also perfect for car travel, as you can stash everything you need quick access to inside the large pouch. 

They’re Great For Traveling

It Matches Your Personality

Thanks to the tote’s simple shape and design, there’s a lot of room to play with the texture, color, and embellishments. I guarantee there are one (or fifty) totes made in your exact favorite color, with your favorite metal color. I know you prefer silver or gold, so don’t worry. There’s a tote out there for you.

One of the fun takes on designer totes is their fabrics. The best designer totes are made out of vegan leather and other vegan furs. If you love the look of crocodile leather, don’t worry. Our Black Apollo 2 Tote bag is a beautiful tote that will remind you of our reptilian friends.

They Make Great Gifts

You love your friends and family, but you buy them birthday and Christmas presents every year. It can be difficult to think of what they may want or what they need, especially if you’re close to people who “have it all.” People with everything can be notoriously difficult to shop for, especially if they can afford to buy everything they want.

But one thing you can always count on people wanting is bags. The best designer totes make an excellent gift because they’re so useful for everything. The important people in your life can always find room for one or another tote bag in their collection.

It Matches Your Personality

It’s the Perfect Mom Bag

Do you have to be a mom to find the designer totes useful? No. But are they helpful for moms? Absolutely. Moms always have to carry a lot with them, no matter what their children’s ages are. Mothers always need diapers, sippy cups, snacks, toys, and possibly even a change of clothes.

Whatever age your child is, it’s always helpful to have a large bag to carry their extra things. This makes totes a very practical choice for moms. The best designer totes are also fashionable and elegant, so nobody will know it’s actually your “mom bag.”

A Brief History of the Tote Bag

Designer tote bags are so amazing, but have you ever wondered how they came to be? They were first created in the 17th century. The word “tote” means “to carry,” and that’s how the popular tote bags got their name. They became really popular in the 1940s when a popular fashion company released their Boat Bag. Originally, the Boat Bag was made out of canvas material and was used to carry ice.

Many tote bags are still made out of durable canvas material, as it doesn’t tear or wear easily. Because their material and simple design made them perfect for chores and errands, totes increased in popularity. In the 1950s, housewives loved using totes and brought them even more into mainstream fashion.

A Brief History of the Tote Bag

Totes were so popular that women continued to use them into the 1960s, even as other fashions fell out of style. But instead of keeping the same old canvas tote bag, designers started to make their own versions. Designer Bonnie Cashin made the tote intellectual and fashionable and sold her version in The Strand, a popular New York City bookstore at the time.

Designers continue to remake tote designs that are the height of luxury and fashion. You can find the best designer bags are often made out of faux leathers and other materials with different details. But the main function and shape of the bag mostly stay the same, as it provides peak functionality.

One of the latest fashion trends is eco-friendly tote bags. Celebrities and social media stars can all be seen carrying tote bags that are made out of sustainable materials. They are often embellished with personal designs or symbols that show their political opinion or social status.

A Brief History of the Tote Bag

How to Care for Your Tote

Your tote will come with tags that state how to care for your tote bag. Canvas totes generally require some light handwashing and air drying. But totes made out of different materials need completely different care. The best designer totes, like those from Tote & Carry, are often made out of vegan leather.

Provide consistent care for your vegan leather tote by consistently cleaning and conditioning it. The best methods to do that are:


All you have to do to keep your vegan leather bag clean is use a mild laundry detergent or soap. Don’t use harsh cleaners, as those can dry out the vegan leather. Use a microfiber cloth or another type of nonabrasive material to wipe your tote clean.


Vegan leather looks nice and shiny when you first purchase your bag, but it tends to lose its shine and dry out over time. You can prevent aging by applying a conditioner to the bag. Rub a little neatsfoot oil or mink oil all over the bag, which supplements the vegan leather oils. 

Leave the conditioner on for 10 minutes before you wipe it off. For best results, apply the conditioner once a month. Your best designer tote will look good as new as long as you care for it well.
No matter what your daily life looks like, you can use a designer tote. Whether you need it to carry your laptop, baby snacks, or just want to make a fashion statement, you can find that in a designer tote. Visit our website to find a designer tote that speaks to you.

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