How To Make Money by Joining our Affiliate Program!

Here are some quick facts about Tote&Carry . . . 

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  • Tote&Carry is a brand founded by two very unique entrepreneurs. Tony Dennis, a famous celebrity stylist based in Atlanta and Tony Rey, a business developer and manufacturer of fashion accessories based in Los Angeles.
  • The co founders did not plan to launch the brand. . .It sorted just happened organically. 
  • Their vision was to create an affordable designer style bag line that served the stylish, trendy, and fashionable customer. 
  • The brand started in October of 2016. 
  • The brand is individually financed and not backed by any major companies or investors. 
  • Oh, yes and the bags are cool. We are currently in over 85 boutiques nationwide.
  • We are currently on our second collection. Check them out here.


Okay now you are caught up to speed . . . Let's get to the business. 

Do you enjoy Fashion, Travel, Music, Food, and Online Blogging ? 

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If you do, here is a few reasons why you should join our affiliates program.

  • We provide you with free merchandise! Yay! Free stuff.
  • We provide you with the marketing content and tools to help you generate sales online.
  • When you generate receive Money Checks in the mail. How Amazing.
  • You can utilize any of your social platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat. Simply, just post, insert your custom shop link, promote the products to your followers! 
  • Of course, we don't want you to lie! Only post if you genuinely like the's not fun to offer shitty products to people. Ew. 
  • Commission starts at 15% per sale. But you can earn about to 30%! (Other major sites only offer 5-7%)
  • You will be assigned to your own custom dashboard to track your monthly sales and click thru rates! 
  • All commission checks are mailed out or directly deposited into your preferred bank account. 
  • That's enough info! Everyone hates reading. Let's start now by signing up! 


 If you have any additional questions, please email:

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