Behind the Scene: Tote&Carry Creative Director "STITCH DOCTOR"

Behind the Scene: Tote&Carry Creative Director STITCH DOCTOR

a man standing in front of a buildingSTITCH DOCTOR TOTE&CARRY BRAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR

"Stitch Doctor" also known as Anthony Dennis co-founded the brand Tote&Carry in 2014 in partnership with Tony Rey a fashion entrepreneur, business shark, and manufacturer. Gifted with his creative designs and fashion style he is a active fashion stylist, brand consultant, and custom tailor in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. 
Stitch Doctor was selected in Mister Magazine a Fashion Editorial Magazine as top 25 Urban Fashion Designer. in 2004. With credits of consulting fashion brands such as FUBU, Karl Kani, and Mark Eckko. After his article published, several reputable fashion companies sought after Stitch Doctor's design talent for example: South Pole, Akademics, Billion Bay, 45 Degrees, and Armani Group. Anthony Dennis also known as
the Stitch Doctor is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia where he consults
and services celebrity clientele. If you are interested in learning more, please follow: 




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