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Here are some quick facts about Tote&Carry . . . 

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  • Tote&Carry is a brand founded by two very unique entrepreneurs. Tony Dennis, a famous celebrity stylist based in Atlanta and Tony Rey, a business developer and manufacturer of fashion accessories based in Los Angeles.
  • The co founders did not plan to launch the brand. . .It sorted just happened organically. 
  • Their vision was to create an affordable designer style bag line that served the stylish, trendy, and fashionable customer. 
  • The brand started in October of 2016. 
  • The brand is individually financed and not backed...

Behind the Scene: Tote&Carry Creative Director "STITCH DOCTOR"

Behind the Scene: Tote&Carry Creative Director STITCH DOCTOR

a man standing in front of a buildingSTITCH DOCTOR TOTE&CARRY BRAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR

"Stitch Doctor" also known as Anthony Dennis co-founded the brand Tote&Carry in 2014 in partnership with Tony Rey a fashion entrepreneur, business shark, and manufacturer. Gifted with his creative designs and fashion style he is a active fashion stylist, brand consultant, and custom tailor in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. 
Stitch Doctor was selected in Mister Magazine a Fashion Editorial Magazine as top 25 Urban Fashion Designer. in 2004. With...